Support Overtime for CA Farmworkers

This is a picture of Arturo Rodriguez (UFW President); Sen. Dean Florez (D-Shafter, CA); Msgr. James Murphy (Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament); and scores of farmworkers. They are kneeling in California’s State Capitol building and praying that Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar will sign SB 1121 into law.

The bill–which is now on the Governor’s desk–would give farmworkers the same right you and I already have: overtime pay for overtime work.  Schwarzeneggar only has a limited amount of time to sign it.

Authored by Florenz, the bill “would lift a 1941 exemption in state labor code that excludes farmworkers from getting overtime pay after an eight-hour day or a 40-hour week. California farmworkers now get overtime pay only after a 10-hour day or a 60-hour week.”

You can read more about it here and here.

The 450,000 farmworkers in California deserve more than time and a half.  They perform the life-giving work that you and I depend on to do, well, everything we do.  Right now, you owe them your support.

Call or email Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s office NOW and tell him to sign the farmworker overtime bill into law.  Dial 916-445-2841 or send and email via the official correspondence link.

3 thoughts on “Support Overtime for CA Farmworkers

  1. Profe,

    I tried sending an email to the address you gave and it bounced back. Just a heads up. Guess only phone calls will work, as I wasn’t able to find another email account.

  2. Thanks Nick. Sacramento has a new email the gov. web system to cut down on email and streamline the process. As a consequence, they killed the old email. Sounds like the kind of thing a last year, last term gov. would do.

  3. I support this bill because the field workers live under hasher condition and they need to support their family,rent,light,water,transportation,and food oh did I say medical and with what little they make. I say we support this bill.

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