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“Look how they massacred my boy”

We’re remodeling our kitchen. Or maybe it’s more like a “do-over” or a “take two.” Our house turns 88 years old this November. That’s pretty old for Southern California. And it’s a small house, at least by modern standards.  A … Continue reading

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The Limits of Numbers

It’s official now: Latinos outnumber whites in the state of California, making us the largest ethnic group in the Golden State. The switch happebed sometime last year but the numbers only became official last week. With 14.99 million Latinos in … Continue reading

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My Day in LA

I finished my fourth marathon last Sunday, clocking in my worst time ever at 7:16:25. That’s about an hour slower than I had hoped for and than I had trained for. To give you a perspective on my time, Daniel … Continue reading

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2015 LA Marathon

Tomorrow morning I’ll be running the 2015 LA Marathon. It’ll be my fourth marathon overall, and my third LA. I’m not a very athletic person, either now or in any stage of my youth. As a result, my first marathon … Continue reading

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Friday Five: 1973

I turned 1 in 1973. So, much like the music in last week’s post, my memories of these songs date from much later than the year in which they were released. And, like for most of the 70s, its hard … Continue reading

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Looking for Justice

I took this shot at the door of the Supreme Court building, during a recent trip to D.C. © T. F. Summers Sandoval (2015).

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They Made it to 2015

Welcome to the new year! And welcome to my annual “They Made it to ____” post on LatinoLikeMe! This is my annual post to recognize the careers of three entertainers who are still with us but, because of advanced age, … Continue reading

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