That Mexican Smell

I’m doing some archival work right now (that’s fancy historian talk for sitting in a quite room and reading dusty things people haven’t read in a long time), and I came across the following. It comes from a research report on Mexican and Anglo relations in the small, agricultural town of Castroville, California. The research was done in the 1960s.

Several Anglos said that the Mexicans have a peculiar odor which is just “part of being Mexican.” One old man went so far as to say that he could “always tell a Mexican by the way they smell.” The odor was variously described as being “sticky sweet” to “sour” but those who claimed its existence were quite positive that it was peculiarly Mexican. Two school teachers agreed that their Mexican pupils smelled differently than their “white” pupils. One of the teachers, however, thought it was only the boys who smelled.

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  1. You wonder if this “smell” is something psychological with people who expect Mexicans to act, smell, be a certain way or if it has something to do with diet and maybe the quality of diet and access to hygiene products.

    One thing that I know about Mexican and Mexican American friends is that we do place a premium on self grooming and cleanliness.

  2. Of course, there is always a possibility that people smell. But the wholesale way in which people attribute this trait to the ENTIRE group is the indication it is a form of prejudice. These kinds of ideas are both the backbone of a racist system and its product. People rationalize the inferiority they have created.

  3. People from Mexico totally have a distinct smell, I think it must be a spice that is popular or common maybe? The smell is warm and sweet, and homey. Odd, I know, but other people from latin america don’t have that same sweet smell

  4. I totally agree with this Mexican smell thread. I have smelled it my whole life. In fact, I have Mexicans in my house right now and I could smell them from outside their car, across the street, when they pulled up. It is a very distinct odor, but I feel bad admitting I can smell one group of people.

  5. My roommate is mexican, and honestly, he smells because he works as a cook at a restaurant, comes home, smells like grease and sweat, doesn’t shower, and wears the same clothes over and over again because he doesn’t want to spend money on doing laundry…(just sayin’) The whole apartment stinks, so every time he leaves for work, I spray the shit out of the place with odor neutralizer.

  6. It’s not about racism. For heaven’s sake.,… if I say that Mexicans are generally more brown than Caucasians, does that make me a racist, or a person with eyes? The fact is, Mexican people do give off a distinct odor. I live in the southwest, where there are tens of thousands of Mexicans, and educated or not, rich or poor, almost every Mexican I encounter gives off a very distinct odor. It’s unmistakable.

  7. Not all but the vast majority seem to have a distinctive smell.

    I use to work at Sprint and sometimes groups of them would come in and the smell around my station would be so bad it would make me want to gag.

    I have even received packages from hispanic people in the mail that have the same smell on them.

    I am not sure what it is but I am guessing it’s something they are eating?

  8. they stink because their bodies don’t work well because they are poor.
    they cant smell well. they cant think well. they use chemical products and foods. i live in heavily Hispanic neighborhood and it reeks of stinky laundry soap and rotten chicken. makes me gag.

  9. I have been in love with the same Hispanic man for a few years now. I have only smelled a distinct smell a few times. He is seems to shower a lot and brush his teeth a lot. It’s almost like he is trying to be something he is not sometimes, but anyway, the last time he was here I could smell it more than ever. It didn’t bother me, i think, because I already care for him. I often wonder if I have a sent that he isn’t fond of. Some white men that I have been w/in the past have smelled yeasty if they are not right out of hte shower.

    Smell or no smell….I LOVE my Mexican!!

  10. I couldn’t believe it…. I began typing into Google “Why do Mexicans…..” and Google automagically filled in the rest for me “….. smell like laundry detergent”. How crazy!! I thought it was just me and my over active olfactory sense… BUT turns out, im not special. Mexicans REALLY DO smell like some sort of laundry product. The reason i even began this whole “quest” to figure out if Mexicans really do smell like laundry or if it was just me, was due to the fact that I could smell Mexicans that had recently passed by or walked down a hallway within the last couple of minutes without having ever seen them… just due to the smell alone. I mean, it is what it is… im sure they must use the same sort of laundry product which just happens to be VERY powerfull.

  11. I am Mexican and a vegetarian. I think the smell may have to do with the “lard” that “some” Mexicans use in their cooking. The lard is pig and I am sephardic …we don’t eat pork. Some times the smell seems to be mixed with soap…after a shower. Peace to all

  12. As a teen, I stocked shelves in a grocery store. Mexicans made up 75% of the customers and 99% of the purchasers of Tide Detergent. Twenty years later I can still smell a nearby Mexican before I see him. It’s Tide folks, garanteesado.

  13. I couldn’t believe I actually found this comment on the internet. I thought I’d just try it for the heck of it. I have wondered for years what that smell is and wondered if it was only me that could smell it. This is not a derogatory remark. It is not an insult. It is a fact that they emit a sweet, strong, sticky like smell. I have wondered if it is a grooming product. Not all Mexicans smell like this, but most of them do.

  14. I smell it constantly when Mexicans are around, not all and it doesn’t have to do with cleanliness. It smells to me like a peculiar hair gel or body soap or something similar. It is a very distinctive pungent smell and is always present with a group of Mexicans, but not always with an individual.
    I have often smelled it strongly when Mexicans appear to have recently showered (still have wet hair). Sometimes it appears when the males look like they have dressed their hair with some shiny substance.

  15. I don’t know what mexicans you people are talking about, and no they don’t deserve a capital letter in front of their nationality. They don’t even have their own language. I have very close friends from Spain, and they can’t understand the so called Spanish, but purely mexican gibberish. mexicans smell like soured asshole. They are the ones that throw toilet paper in the floor, with shit on it, at every industrial manufacturing facility I have ever worked. Some would even finger paint with their shit on the bathroom walls. I’m not sure if they were finger painting, or using a turd like a piece of chalk. I have seen more than 50 of the nasty bastards fired for it. Not all Latinos have these nasty attributes, I hope, but mexicans just plain stink. They are filthy. I haven’t been around even one that doesn’t make you turn away, with your eyes watering in disgusting stench. They have immoral habits. Oh, did I mention, they STINK! They are some of the worse lowlife scum on this planet. I’m not racist. I have plenty of Spanish, Black, Indian, White, German, Swiss, French, Russian, etc. as some of my very best friends. They do not smell of the nasty stench as every mexican I have ever had to be in close contact with. Mexicans stink like nasty, filthy, soured asshole! Mexicaca should be their names.

  16. For the past ten years I have worked around a lot of Mexicans, both legally and illegally within the U.S. I have become very aware of that strong odor that is we have all noticed when in the presence of many Mexicans. I was told it was due to the use of moth balls with their laundry, as it is needed in Mexico. During a recent trip to Mexico, we had our laundry done there. Our clothes came back with that Mexican smell. It’s in the laundry and has nothing to do with the people!

  17. Mexicans smell like failure. They’re nation is in shambles, as are most latin american nations. Mexicans don’t build Seattle steel, Ford motor company, or Apple. Mexicans turn down your bed, mow your lawn, sniff your butt, and lick your ass ask if you ask. Mexicans can’t run Mexico and most Latino’s follow suit. Third world nations pretending to have pride!

  18. Slavery destroys people. Any group of people, both the slaves and the slavers. I see angry people venting on whole groups of individuals here, without realizing they are pointing a weapon at themselves. There are a lot of physical conditions that can cause odor. Diabetes is one that is prevalent in modern society, as is blaming the victim until the victim is an easy tool for stone throwers. These days we are all living in glass houses. Most of these comments are adding fuel to a fire that can’t be put out. The angry commenter that is proud to be so multi-cultural should look up the real history of Spanish exploration in the new world.

    This phrase was used at a state fair in Minnesota with no mexicans present, only a black couple, and white people. It was obviously used to cause hate. Nobody there stank. Trolls exhist in all environments.

  19. I have changed my mind, I no longer think it’s Tide detergent. As a truck driver I, too have visited many warehouses and factories wherein the mostly Mexican employees routinely cover the floors and walls and garbage cans with their feces and dirty toilet paper. Plumbing in Mexico cannot withstand the pressure of toilet paper when mixed with bowel movements, so the entire population knows to throw their TP in the trash. They enter our country and practice their old habits. More than once have I gone to use the facilities and walked in guys talking face to face whilst one of them is taking a shit. They have a peculiar and friendly relationship with crap, unlike any other race. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  20. Ali, if you say we’re poor “and we don’t work because of that”, which makes no sense at all, and you live in the SAME neighborhood as many Hispanics, then I think that makes you poor as well; therefore, you “don’t work well”… Everyone has a different smell because of their diet; I’m pretty sure they, and many other people over the world with different customs, don’t like your smell either so stop judging and being disrespectful. You don’t know what you smell like since you are so used to it; just like Asians are used to the smell of garlic and we are used to our smell. It’s called different customs and culture. ¡Qué ignorantes son por Dios!

  21. Yes, it’s a really nice odor. Sticky-sweet and clean smelling. I noticed it on a native american once too. Males & females can have it. Some Hispanics do, many do not. Probably if you’re of the same race it’s undetectable. I’ve read undesirable descriptions of whites by asiana, as well.

  22. I don’t believe Mexicans smell at all……In addition, whoever posted some irrelevant things not geared towards the ACTUAL purpose of this thread…is quite ignorant. It’s a cultural thing that can’t be changed. I would even argue that Mexicans (and Hispanics in general) smell pretty good (I agree with the laundry post).

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  24. Ey puto its not all of us hispanics who wreek its just some vatos smell like kakka cuz they don’t shower. And latinas all smell heavenly from head to toe especially their sweet sweet pinochés. You feel me mijo

  25. I can’t believe I found this site. Hate to say it, but it is true. Every Mexican person I meet – well, I can smell them coming and going. It is that sweet, sick smell. Always wondered if it was a cologne, or clothes detergent. All I can say is, most Mexican people I have met are good people and hard workers. But, dear God, I can’t be next to that smell. Makes me throw up.

  26. From what I notice it is from a popular laundry additive. Perhaps fabric softener. When I used the laundromat specifically frequented by mexicans, my clothes get the same smell.

  27. Figured it had to be detergent or fabric softener because it affects men, women and children. Thanks. I still respect/like Mexican people and LOVE Mexican food!

  28. I find that fewer than half of hispanics have the smell. I wish they all did-I love it. It saddens me to hear someone say it makes them want to throw up. A hispanic person will read that and be encouraged to dream up their own negative stereotypes about whites and other races. And so it goes.

  29. I’m sorry. I understand what you are saying. But, that smell affects me in a physically negative way. I have never said that to anyone’s face. I would never want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Guess I should choose my words more carefully. 🙂

  30. To sat that Hispanics don’t have an inherent scent would be a lie. All races have a discernable odor that like kinds can’t necesarily distinguish. White folks are downright funky after being out in the sun.

  31. WOW, this is cruel and hurtful, I’m shocked that there is so much hate for my people. I guess I’ve been living in a LA bubble. Nice to know next time one of you mistakes me for white I’m gonna say I could never be so cruel please don’t disrespect me in that manner. Does that mean I don’t smell? God must be proud of you!!! No wonder no one can truly trust a white person, never know what there really thinking.

  32. Jane, please see my comments from Jan. 30 and April 15 above. I am a white person. One must be careful not to generalize- yourself included.

  33. Well I’m Mexican and yes I noticed how my family always smells different. They cook all the time, and use tons of cleaning products. Me? I’m vegan and I don’t even eat much. I’m not a regular cleaner, I don’t really have to clean all the time because it’s just me. It has to do with the regular food they cook and eat, and the humidity of extra cleaning. They really love cleaning (Mexican women atleast) (that’s why they say they would make good slaves if slavery would still be legally going) (and they make good house servants) I always heard people say that Mexicans always smell like there food. Or they ask me “Why do Mexicans always smell like there food?” Because most of them don’t eat well. The majority of them are poor and eat what poor people eat. Rich Mexicans have a better food option though and they have maids so the maids are the ones that stick with the smell.

  34. This is the most racist and pathetic bunch of lies I have ever heard of. Smell has nothing to do with race at all, it has everything to do with the person. I’ve been with girls of all races and let me tell ya, they are all the same. This is the typical stereotyping that people in the US makes up just to cause division. If anyone falls for this bullshit, then they are just stupid and gullible. It’s like saying all black guys have 14 inch dicks. We all know that is only true in the fake world of porn. We are all the same. The human body is made up of the exact same things. Yes females odor is a lot different than males, but that is just a given. I have a foot fetish, and I have smelled girls feet from different races, and they all small the same. When I go down on a girl, they all smell the same down there DELICIOUS. I come from a very mixed family, and no one has a distinct smell. This is so stupid. I can not believe I even clicked on this bullshit. Racist people will make up anything to make one race seem so different than the rest. DUMB ASSES

  35. FIRST of all for all you freaks going back and forth, there is only ONE race and that is the HUMAN race. I am partially Mexican and Partially English with some American Indian mixed in. What you are referring to is called cultural prejudices. I have known a few Mexicans intimately as friends and at least two of them have presented these distinct overpowering odors.

    Second of all, as a scientist, I am very interested in discovering the cause of this overpowering smell. I have a Mexican lady friend who I am considering courting and a couple of times out of the say 100 times we have met, I have noticed this odor. I want to know if it can be eliminated as it is so overwhelmingly repugnant that I could not stand to be around her or any person who smelled that way for long.

    So far I have heard 3 repeated theories:

    * Food – most popular theory.
    * Cleaning products – second most popular.
    * Uncleanliness – third.

    In my experiments with these two Mexican friends of mine, their odors have not been consistently offensive. In fact, the smell is either present and VERY strong, or non existent.

    Food product seems to be the most logical to me. My ex wife used to say I smelled after eating Chorizo or Italian Pepperonis. This would fit into the food theory.

    If it is the cleaning products then it is definitely not Tide or Suavitel as that is something that would be used consistently, and as stated this is not the case in my experiments. That leaves temporary products like say hair gel or some sort of musk product meant to attract.

    Uncleanliness is highly unlikely as she is an overly clean conscious woman, although the day I smelled it really bad she had been sweating, perhaps it is a combination of perspiration and food product.

    I would like to involve her in my experiments but I am concerned that she may become offended, also she speaks very little English and my Spanish is broken at best so the data has a high chance of being corrupted.

    Please, if you have more information or if you have conducted experiments of your own email me or comment below so that I can collect more information on this phenomenon.

    Thank you.

  36. Revelation Knight,

    Sorry to break it to you- people with a sensitive sense of smell can detect a characteristic smell in some individuals of different races (not only hispanics). This is not meant to be offensive. People from different places look differently, sometimes sound differently, and yes, it’s within the realm of possibility- smell differently. I don’t think it’s anything as superficial as cleaning products (!), but rather, is biological. As a white person, I’ve read we can have a certain smell, and it’s not described as pleasant.

    For my part, I find the “Mexican smell” very attractive. You, however, described it as “overpowering” and “repugnant.” Now who sounds culturally offensive?

  37. suavatiel brought to you mexicans by proctor and gamble is Toxic as hell. you coat yourself in nuerotoxins and stink. gives real women headaches regardless of your would be machismo attitude.

  38. They smell like they dont wipe after a bowel movement & bad infections. Sorry but that’s what smell especially on the women, who dont have good ethics in the restroom. They carry bad orders that let a women know something is not right and they just ignore it…. Sad

  39. My dad smells like a human, my husband smells like old spice, and I smell like what ever I am cooking. American culture is obsessed with smells. Remember, we live in a culture that puts natural lemon in its cleaning products and artificial flavors and colors to our food. The lard comment from my safardis is a comment that is indirectly an insult to the rest of us. I don’t eat lard, unless someone slips it to me because it makes me sick, that is just the way my digestive system is, period. I know I smell Mexicans if I, who grew up in Dutch/German Michigan, smell anything that reminds me of Mexico. There is no refining mask for this, we are just chingon like that. I went to Mexico one year and learn something interesting.The agave plant gives more than just tequila. The agave gave paper, thread, soap, a container, like aluminum foil for meat, ever inch of the plant is used for our benefit. So then the ancestors had soap from the get go. Mexicans stink good. SI te chilla la ardilla, well there were natural products like lemon juice to use to prevent smells. Deodorant and similar products contain aluminum and other things that clog your pores, and they do not wash off easily, so there is always residue. This prolonged exposure is possibly linked to Alzheimer and cancer. My father could never use deodorants directly on his skin because it caused a severe irritation. If he washed up during the day (un bano al la antiguita) then he did not smell bad. As humans we have natural smells that, because of the media and the commercial idea of “clean” and “clean smells,” we tend to reject. It makes us hate ourselves, tie our personal success to products, believe we can only be loved if we consume the “right” combinations of things. For me, this is a form of vanity, idolatry of self gone wrong. We as a society chastise others for not following these rules.

  40. All I know us that I rarely refer to a beaner as just plain Mexican. I almost always include an adjective such as smelly Mexican, stupid Mexican, dirty Mexican, lazy Mexican…

  41. Regarding their stink, I try to avoid smelling them. Except for the cute chicks. But they too have a very unique vaginal odor that is like smelling my own farts. Stinky but I love it.

  42. Honestly, I was looking this up because I was wondering if anyone else noticed this. It’s not soap, nor laundry detergent, nor about cooking. I believe it might be about food, because the smell is something I also notice in mexican grocery stores, and it’s always near the masa and tortillas. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s GMO corn? I’m not racist, I’m very attracted to latin men, but I can’t get with the ones that have this natural fragrance about them. Also, I don’t like corn, and I have celiac disease which puts the corn on the no comer list. So I think my guts are like no corn—you’ll get sick. Maybe I should go for peruvians; they eat more pappas. Anyone, hope no one is offended, just wish I didn’t have a sensitive nose. For the record, I’m italian and probably smell like garlic.

  43. For all you people who say this question is racist: My wife is Puerto Rican and my stepson is half PR- half black, so you’d be hard-pressed to find a racist bone in my body. In fact, my wife asked me to Google this question and we came upon this website. The fact is, I’ve noticed this smell my entire life and it is a distinctly Mexican smell, none of my wife’s family has this odor. It’s not necessarily a bad scent, in fact it smells rather good. But it’s not a scent that a person would normally carry around with them. To me, it smells like a bag of fresh tortillas. I know that sounds horrible and racist, but as a huge fan of Mexican people, tortillas and Mexican food, let me assure you it is not. I’ve noticed the scent on too many Spanish-speaking people not to notice- and as I mentioned about my wife’s family none of them carry the scent. It does seem to be an inherent thing with people of Mexican descent, though not all of them smell this way. Yes I said “them”, I am Caucasian so let the hating commence- I only came to this site to browse and comment just this one time.

  44. Curious, do “all” Mexicans eat pork or lard?

    I’ve met Mexicans who I knew kept Kosher and I never thought they smelled differently. I have also met people of other races who I thought did smell – and it wasn’t a lack of soap or shampoo cleanliness – it was from inside, and they would be talking about foods they ate, prepared with ham or lard. And at Mexican restaurants, we have to ask them all the times – are beans or chips fried in lard? Any pork in beans? Etc. (Many are switching to veggie oils because so many are vegetarian etc.).

    So today, and the reason I landed on this site, I discovered that some homemade soap I was given by a relative who does not keep kosher – I found the soap was giving off a horrible odor the past several days (after repeated scrubbing out the sink etc!). I have always checked labels on homemade soap products at farmer markets etc to make sure they were made of veggies oil or beef tallow. So I didn’t know this relative was going to mail me this and I don’t know what she used in this soap to make it smell bad (kind of reminds me of rotten meat or moth balls, but as I think about it, remembering living in apartments where my neighbors of all nationalities, many were cooking in lard or frying up some pork, etc.).

    So anyway I guess I am trying to figure out one answer, and thinking this article is a bit biased and assuming all Mexicans smell bad when I can tell you many smell nice and I believe a lot of it is the foods they eat. I have read that some of the Asian types think Americans smell gross because we eat too much fatty or red meats (beef, pork, etc). Perhaps we should consider that there is room for improvement for all people to eat better and all people to cut others some slack for smelling “bad” when we might be offensive smelling to those who are a different people and ear different kinds of foods.

    It’s a thought!!

  45. I’m a gay male and exclusively date latino men. And this is not true in all. But in the one’s that do, i think it’s sexy.. Latino men and hispanic men in general are the best lovers and always will be. I don’t care how they smell.

  46. Raphael hidalgohipozetaveracruz for example REPRESENTS the taste of tony the tigers cerial frosted flakes. long name for instance Mexico exaggerated they’re language so much they can define, taste, look, touch, and smell, due too very long words Mexico can be smart. Why don’t they smell like any cerial boxes instead or something top shelf from a dictionary ?

  47. Raphael hidalgohipozetaveracruz for example REPRESENTS the taste of tony the tigers cerial frosted flakes. long names for instance, Mexico exaggerated they’re language so much they can define, taste, look, touch, and smell, due too very long words Mexico can be smart. Why don’t they smell like any cerial boxes instead or something top shelf from a dictionary ?

  48. How many would agree that your hieght of intelligence or grammar should determine what you exactly smell like. I smell like clorine because I own a swimming pool like a regular life guard you know god forbid I change.

  49. “Historically, human beings washed sparingly and, despite the pungent smells they no doubt gave off, they were probably none the worse for it. Elizabeth I had a bath once a year, “whether she needed to or no”. As recently as 1938, only 14% of households in Shoreditch, in London’s East End, had bathrooms. In the space of three or four generations, the elimination of all human body smells and their replacement with the smell of soap has become a global, daily routine.” -

    While I appreciate cultural diversity and hygiene , “Cleanliness is next to godliness” is one of many ideas propagated by the controllers to get us to buy and use their products. By capitalizing on our species survival instincts they have given us stories that encourage us to embrace inaccurate equations like:

    Dirty = evil = Devil
    Clean = good = God

    and granted, since a primary aspect of our species is to survive/reproduce, it’s more likely that given a choice ( and human brain uses smells to help make choices) a foul smelling person will be of less appeal when it come to attracting a sex partner. Now if everyone smells like garlic, or unwashed anus its all good but if some of us have discovered how to wash off the stinks which we eventually did learn as a away to survive ( a purifying smell of a gangrene leg is not very appealing nor is it healthy) and since our brain is imperfect our survival instincts tended to evolve toward a “if smells bad it might equate to death” mentality, and by exploiting this, one can sell a lot of soap.

    What I’ve experienced among Mexican people exposed to the invented symbols of success and wealth promoted within our dysfunctional *US Christian-Catholic Consumer culture is that in additional to being exposed to religions which control human animal instincts and encourage body-shame, many Mexican people express their success by using smelly perfumed washer and dryer chemicals on their clothes and spray their bodies with perfume and cologne.

    Yes I’ve met many Mexicans that don’t have any noticeable smell and most of them I imagine are smart poor people who have no time for religious bullshit and obviously have learned how to maintain a level of hygiene without the need to suffocate the rest of us on the bus with fabric softener or perfume.

    * Judaism and Islam and other religions being of small minority are not innocent but were not the major “Puritan” influence that created the US clean culture.

    Where is the thread about people playing their music on the bus without headphones?

  50. Mexican people smell like tooth infections to me , I used to work as a dental hygienist and I made the correlation when I lived with a Hispanic roommate.

  51. I am not racist or xenophobic. I am a white person who is very attracted to Hispanic people. However, I have noticed that distinct “Mexican scent” and have always wondered what it was. I’ve not seen any definitive answers. There probably is a scientific answer, but people are so afraid of being labeled as “racist” that we probably won’t get an answer from any reputable sources.

  52. I like the scent of Mexican vagina. Its sexy, musky and envelopes your senses like a warm humid hug. I especially love the scent of a mexican woman who has a natural bush. After a say or two without a bath, the scent lingering in her pubic hair amplifies her sexual energy and is so full if pheromones I get aroused just taking in the scent of her walking by. Once in proximity to her vagina, you will be hit with a very distinct musky heady scent, different than that if caucasian women. It will be bright and sweet mixes with a slight cumin like essence and the taste is watery and clear, slightly tangy but lingers with a intense sweetness once it dries on your face.

  53. Ill say it, we do have a certain sweet pungent smell and truth is I am just starting to notice it on myself. I have been a smoker since i was 14 and moved on to the vaping fad right away. I just had my 27th birthday and my sense of smell is coming back, It has been interesting to relearn the different smells that are constantly surrounding you.

    I for some time now have noticed other races sniff their nose as if it were clogged up when they are around me. After some many years I learned to mimic doing the same when they sniff their nose. It’s interesting that when mimic them, my nose actually gets runny. I started dating my partner 3 years ago and he won’t say why, but his nose get so clogged up so bad he has to use sinus relief. Funny thing is he is half mexican but white skin, makes you think right.

    I’ll just end it with this if we’re all in consensus that mexican stink then they will stink. If we just want to flat out say than we all stink no matter your race, we shall go on and enjoy our noses constantly being runny. Perception is everything people.

    A little help from Google…
    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a popular reference to William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet seems to argue that it does not matter that Romeo is from her family’s rival house of Montague, that is, that he is named “Montague”.

  54. Its not apart of being mexican, its called Mexican people need to take a fucking shower. Although I suppose most of them are too poor to afford running water, fucking worthless stinky scum. Wash yourself you fucking monkey!

  55. I know the smell! We need to make a distinction, that this is NOT a bad smell. I love it. It’s like a sweet floral sent, that I feel might even be apart of the Pharamones? I think it may not just be Mexican, but People from that region in mezo/middle America’s. I first noticed the sent from my childhood friend who is Salvadorin. (I am Afro-Carribean). As we grew older I have smelled it on other folks and thought maybe it was a body spray, or soap, or laundry smell that was from a popular Hispanic brand. But it’s from their skin. I love it and it’s a turn on haha

  56. No offense…
    I dont find it in relation to color.

    Had sex with over 100 woman range from every race.

    This is a interesting topic because I’ve experienced this very topic with Hispanic woman.

    This isn’t about color.
    Brown skin such as black brown or tan.

    I’ve had sex with blacks and native American Indians to muslims and never not once had a onion BO smell.

    It’s the diet 100%

    I asked a old Mexican man named elio cantu about this with mexican woman. He laughed and said mexican woman or woman from south America have a bad smell because they eat allot of tomatoes and spicy food. Not the Onions they don’t make the onion smell.
    Its tomatoes, vegetable oil, cheese, dairy and red meats.
    Most fat woman have this smell…
    Not so much with skinny girls but also if she eats greasy foods heavy red meats tomatoes her vagina will smell like onions aka BO

  57. Since I last posted in March, I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with my thoughts on this. In the long run everything is IN YOUR HEAD, so get out of IT. I’ve had days when I felt completely awful emotionally, but I still had to go out in public and be around pople, and I STUNK. If you perceive yourself as smelling bad, you probably do.

    On the flip side, there were days where I was filled with pure utter positivity, and IT appeared in every facet of my being, including the way I smelled. If we let others tell us what we are, then that is what we become, belittled and chritized. The word “beauty” is used to describe every notion of what we perceive, in OUR world, and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

    Da daa dunnnn!
    -Beaneath is my way of shifting my perception, just slightly. I’ve made positive annotations for each letter of the alphabet. When something seems bad, I minscontrue the words actual definition, so then I calm my worries with my annotations. IT takes me to my happy place and let’s in only the good into my world. Out MIND, out of mind.


  58. Living next to a homo/hetersexual mexican male, its everyday, if some are at work fully clothed, he lets loose at home no care for me or my sleep. Homeland situation, reason why ONLY mexicans live here no other race in a mexican community.

    Dislike on skin color it was a simple get out stay out 40 years ago. The similarities like pigment and stinking subject is timid, America took their pick already.

  59. Haha yes I guess you can say we smell because of the sweat running down our back. One of the biggest things I’ve learned coming from a Mexican family is that you don’t quit until the job is done, that is how my Ama raised me. But for some reason Mexicans do have their own fragrance, some smell like fruits others smell like vegetables!😭😂 I always joked around with my friends that weren’t Mexican like OOHH YOU SMELL THAT GUY HES MEXICAN FOR SUREEE *it would be my little brother running down the street* 😂😂 don’t get me wrong we do joke about the way we smell , most of the time it’s food you know we love our fresh plates of food

  60. Im Latino but im of Caucasian decent for 400 years mexico has been a Colony of European Kingdoms leaving white offspring over time native people(mexicans) mixed with white people which is why some mexicans look or have whiter skin than others,curly hair or some other white fetures like me for example i look reasonably southern european and so does my family some have red hair or blond hair im pure Cristizo (caucasian Colonist in latin america) i do agree with this i do not smell like darker mexicans or latinos the darker ones with more native blood from mexico smell usally pretty bad or smell like strong scents of cologne but when i come around Caucasian mexicans (White people with mexican nationality) they do not have that perticular smell maybe its a genetic thing from old Aztec or mayan people???

  61. There are different kinds of mexican ethnicities

    Caucasian-Brown Curly hair,White pale skin(somtimes light tan) and European fetures like nose,eyebrows and head shape

    Mixes- Most mexicans are a mix usally brown skin smudged nose,chinky eyes,curly hair and very short

  62. classification of race

    White people- White skin color or Light tan(olive) Whites,Northern Middle easterns and north Africans
    Brown People-Brown or Dark tan Skin Indians,Latinos,Middle easterns,Pacific Islanders
    Black People-Dark Brown or Black Skin -African People

  63. I left a group of mexicans in a room i came back to check on them the enitre room had a odor to it. I think with mexicans its something they eat or it just comes with being mexican super nasty. I think it there lack of showering is the issue i hear they are scared of water, damn wet backs.

  64. This ora that Mexicans is built up energy, when the ora is held in and put towards working, couple years back , but when this ora is released they can stay in buildings and stink all day they no longer have the built up energy to work anymore as long as the stench is released they are relieved.

  65. Jay, your comment is so ignorant as to be nonsensical. Please discard your disgusting racism, and get yourself an education. “Ora?” What the heck is that?

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