Monday Blues

Let us celebrate the brilliance of Stevie Ray Vaughan!  Born in Texas, on October 3, 1954, he died tragically on August 27, 1990, now 20 years ago.  He was a blues master, possessed with an ability few people in human history have had.  Authentic blues mixed with talent is hard to come by in this world; Stevie Ray had it all and more.

Here he is performing his own “Texas Flood” from a live show in 1985.

One thought on “Monday Blues

  1. I saw Stevie Ray just once at a benefit called Cowboys for Indians. He played unannounced opening the concert. He walked on stage with another guitarist, sat down hung his head down and played a set of flamenco and Spanish guitar. At the end of the set he got up and walked off stage accompanied by wild applause. Stevie Ray never spoke he said it all with his guitar

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