California Spending

Some interesting chatter in the blogosphere today about the spending in yesterday’s primary election in California.  I thought I’d connect some of the dots…

Meg Whitman won the Republican nomination for Governor of California yesterday; Jerry Brown did the same for the Democrats.  Both immediately began their campaigns against one another, with Whitman calling her opponent a liberal “tax and spend” politician as she celebrated her business acumen.  But this “business giant” who claims to know how to get things done, spent roughly $81 million dollars for (thus far) 1,101,528 votes while her opponent spent about $200,000 for 1,478,752 votes.

That means Meg Whitman spend about $74 for every vote she got.  Jerry Brown spent less than 14¢ per vote.

I know, I know, apples and oranges and all that.  But Brown does have a record of being habitually frugal while Whitman has a record of being habitually rich and able to spend to get what she wants.

Just saying.

2 thoughts on “California Spending

  1. I was disappointed to see Carly Fiorina’s slimy campaign tactics proved successful. Her ridiculous video attacking Barb Boxer as a blimp should have insulted the intelligence of every CA voter. Instead, we seem to have entered an era where absurd and sleazy political theater that cartoons an opponent surpasses discourse on issues.

  2. I suspect when her politics come out she will stand out as a bit too conservative for CA’s rather mixed-moderate base. Let’s hope so at least. What would be really refreshing is if CA conservatives abandoned their support when her business record is better known. If she sucked at business, then, by their own definition, she should also at government.

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