Anne Frank Video

This video–only recently posted on YouTube–is the only known video footage of Anne Frank.  It is film of the wedding day of Anne’s neighbor, July 22, 1941.

You can read a bit more about it here.

Is there anybody born after the 1960s who didn’t read at least part of her diary or watch at least part of the 1959 movie during their own childhood?  In my older and more academically historical days, her popularity (if that’s even the right word) seems to me rather capricious. But there’s something in me that is still moved by seeing the film, maybe a little awed.  It’s the child thing, I think, both her youth and my own when I first connected with her.

Kids at Texas labor camp (1942)


“Boys sitting on truck parked at the FSA … labor camp, Robston, Tex.”
Photographed Arthur Rothstein, (1915- )
(January 1942)

Photograph is part of the Library of Congress collection available online at the LOC flickr page.