Slacker Secret Service Seems Suspicious

Call it paranoia or call it being grounded in the knowledge of the past, but the first thing I felt after Obama won the Democratic nomination was fear. Speaking to a few other friends in the days after, I found it to be something of a common experience. After the November election, even more friends–all of us roughly part of the same generation and each of us a person of color–expressed the same sort of fear about him being President. It cut across gender and educational lines. It even seemed to be a fear felt by people whether or not they supported his candidacy.

All of us were worried he would be shot.

It’s been a week and a half and the first nonwhite President of the United States of American is still alive. Whew! So what do you say we be sure and keep it that way. Sound good? Anyone? Calling US Secret Service??

“Security Around Obama Alarms Some VIP Donors” (Washington Post)