Racists say “Boycott Mexico!”

Really?  I mean, you think this is something you can advocate with any semblance of legitimacy?

As reported in the OC Register,

A coalition of anti-illegal immigrant advocates with a goal of halting American tourism to Mexico are distributing fliers along the San Ysidro border that accuse the country of being aggressive and hostile to the United States and disrespectful of its laws.

Americans United to Halt Tourism in Mexico – formed by Minutemen groups across the country and local groups such as Huntington Beach-based California Coalition for Immigration Reform – is urging Americans bound for sun and fun south of the border to instead visit the U.S. Southwest.

This is the equivalent of a bunch of grandparents telling their grand kids to stay home and watch Wheel of Fortune instead of going to spring break in Cancun. And since the Minutemen are mostly senior citizens anyways…

Lord knows I don’t approve of the U.S. mentality that uses Mexico as a playground for cheap booze and consequence-less hook-ups. But, c’mon, really? The Minutemen?

I’ve got a lot to do today so I’m going to pass up the opportunity to pick holes in their argument. It’s a futile exercise anyway. You can’t argue with a “flat Earth” person, even though you’re right, because your two arguments rest on fundamentally divergent foundations.

And since the bigger story is why this newspaper ALWAYS chooses to print a full story on the movement of a small group of racist lunatics, I’ll just bid you a “good day.”

Good day.

White extremists are awfully sneaky

The Orlando Sentinel (Florida) reports a police officer in Fruitland Park resigned last month after information connecting him to the Ku Klux Klan became public, leading to an internal investigation.  James Elkins, who had been doing some after-work recruiting work for the KKK, also serves as the local “district Kleagle” of his National Aryan Knights chapter.  Investigators released the below picture of Elkins, dressed in green hood and robe.

Not too far away, in Jacksonville (North Carolina), the Daily News reports a man named Kody Brittingham is in jail awaiting trial on armed robbery and breaking and entering charges stemming from his arrest last December.  His arrest upset his employer–the United States Marines–who searched the young man’s barracks and found a journal which “contained plans on how to kill the president, as well as white supremacist material.”  The Secret Serivce is now, apparently, investigating him as a “credible threat.”

The issue of violence-promoting, white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement has a long tradition to it.  The same groups have also initiated efforts to enter the military as well.  A few years back, the Southern Poverty Law Center frightened more than a few government officials in their intelligence report “A Few Bad Men.”  Despite the military’s “zero tolerance” policy for these racial organizations, the same hate groups encourage military participation in order to get free training for their members.  (By the way, the Rumsfeld Defense Department dismissed the report back in 2006.)

These stories both entered my inbox via the SPLC’s blog, Hate Watch.  It is a thorough and sad source, but one I rarely fail to miss.

Joe Arpaio is the new Bull Connors

In the same way Sheriff Bull Connor–the racist lawman of Birmingham, Alabama who served his office during the height of the Civil Rights Movement–came to embody the system of racial oppression framing life for Southern Blacks, so, too, Joe Arpaio is becoming the national embodiment of the similar system framing Latino life in the 21st century.

Just see this editorial from a recent Washington Post.