Erik Estrada is my hero.

Holy former TV starts of the seventies Batman!  Turns out my sarcastic post of last week should have been written with a tone of serious warning to slacker parents in Muncie, IN: Watch out!  Erik Estrada “feels responsible for all children”!

From (no I don’t read it…okay, maybe once):

No baby shall suffer the perils of cold footsies while Erik Estrada is on the case!

We’re told while Estrada was on patrol as a reserve officer for Indiana’s Muncie Police Department, he risked his own safety for that of a child.

Police say during one of Erik’s midnight shifts, “he spotted a man and his girlfriend walking with a baby in the snow in 10 degree weather at 2 AM … the baby was only dressed in pajamas.”

That’s when Erik braved the freezing temperature and “got them inside.”

A hero never rests.