Monday Blues (01.31.11)

Junior Wells, accompanied by Buddy Guy, playing “Hoodoo Man Blues,” written by Wells and Sonny Boy Williamson.

The song is from Well’s debut album of the same name, often listed among the best blues albums of all-time. Certainly it is one of THE “Chicago blues” albums. Here they are performing sometime in the early to mid-70s, at least so it seems from the “look” of things. Wells is at or near his best. It’s easy to tell why he was the legend he was. His harmonica was the most soulful there was, with that Southern drawl picked up just so to give it the feel that became the Chicago sound. Buddy Guy–hands down my favorite blues guitarist–shows us why he is who he is.

This is the Chicago sound played to perfection.

Monday Blues

B.B. King (1925-), Albert Collins (1932-1993), Buddy Guy (1936-), Eric Clapton (1945-), and Jeff Beck (1944-), performing King’s “Sweet Little Angel” at the Apollo Theater Hall of Fame TV special, 1993.