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Still Kickin’

And now for a little something from my weird side… Those of you who know me via this blog know that I have a little fascination with celebrity deaths.  As a kid, celebrity deaths were among my most favorite kind … Continue reading

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Gene McDaniels

I am saddened at the news of the passing of Gene McDaniels. One of the most eclectic, soulful, political, gentle, and passionate talents in modern jazz/soul music, McDaniels was 76. You can read about his life and career here. I … Continue reading

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They made it to 2011

Well here we are–the 2nd Annual “They Made It To ___” on LatinoLikeMe! For those who don’t remember, in an effort to recognize (largely inactive) entertainers before they’ve actually died, every New Year’s Eve I write a post about three … Continue reading

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Strange Coincidences in History

It has occurred to me that this past Sunday was another strange pop cultural event in the world. Ronnie James Dio died on May 16, 2010, on the exact 20 year anniversary of the passing of Sammy Davis Jr.  On … Continue reading

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Sammy Davis Jr. is Still Dead…

Sammy Davis Jr. passed away 20 years ago today, on May 16, 1990.  He died of lung cancer, after a lifetime of smoking. I remember his passing very well.  The Friday before his death–on May 11th–the first story on the … Continue reading

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Sandro de América is dead

He was known as the El Elvis argentino and El Gitano but millions more knew him as Sandro de América. Roberto Sánchez, who crooned to a generation and became one of the biggest stars of popular music and cinema in … Continue reading

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See ‘ya Captain Lou!

Captain Lou Albano has died.  He was 76. The brazen, rubber-band-wearing figure of professional wrestling achieved “crossover fame” in the 1980s when professional wrestling did the same.  Many who would never have seen him in the ring knew him instead … Continue reading

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