TBT: Orson Welles and Andy Kaufman

What a wonderful thing the interwebs is.

Here’s Orson Welles interviewing Andy Kaufman in 1982, when Welles subbed for Merv Griffin on his daytime show. There’s a whole lot of weird in that sentence. Maybe the weirdest thing about the actual footage, though, is how not weird it is.

2 thoughts on “TBT: Orson Welles and Andy Kaufman

  1. I love Orson Welles. He has no idea how to be a host, though … he makes himself the show. Not sure he could help it.

  2. Video proof of one limit to his seemingly endless talent! Although the power of Orson Welles does seem to make Andy Kaufman turn into a normal person, aside from the fake neck injury.

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