Friday Five: Sha-la-la-la

La Familia Summers Sandoval has the song “Shallow” in heavy rotation these days.  The song, performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, is from their critically-acclaimed remake of A Star is Born.

In the chorus, while the pair sing the word that gives the song its name, they break into a “sha-la-la” that reminded me of Tom Waits’ beautiful song “Jersey Girl.”

That brought us to a string of songs featuring “sha-la-la” in some form or fashion. So let’s round out our list of five.

First, my middle kid immediately called out “Kiss the Girl” from the soundtrack to Little Mermaid. Props to her. I first thought of Al Green’s “Sha-La-La (Make Me Happy).” Both are worthy, but there’s so many more.

There’s one of the most memorable and iconic “sha-la-la’s in R&B history with Billy Stewart’s “Sitting in the Park”:

And then I was transported to my senior year in college when “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows topped the charts. It’s the first line, after all:

But a list of “sha-la-la” songs couldn’t be complete without the most famous of them all.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Sha-la-la-la

  1. What a great topic! And great choices, as well, although this is one where you could go on for a long time with one pick after another. This is the first song that came to my mind:

  2. This is a great song! I’ve never heard it before now. I felt like I didn’t dig deep into things I didn’t know here. Juts the top of my head, as it were, which keeps it at the pretty obvious level. At least for me. I’ve had this song by Billy Stewart in more than a few posts over the years. When I started to think about it, though, “na-na-na’s” are way more numerous than “sha-la-la’s”

  3. No need for deep thinking with this one … top of the head works just fine. Of course, the top of my head means “Street Hassle”. 🙂

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