Goodbye summer!

Southern California is in one of its typical August heat waves. Everywhere you turn, there’s some interesting family-friendly event to go to. The kids are tan and we all smell like chlorine. Still, summer has come to an end in la casa Summers Sandoval.

The girls go back to school today. Our middle kid is entering 5th grade while the little one starts 2nd. It’s an early start but it’s the only school schedule we’ve ever had. Our oldest is starting middle school this year in another district, so he gets another three weeks of summer. But no matter. Since school is starting for the other two, the whole family is about to go into “regular mode.”

We’ll do our best to live the summer life but we’ve got no complaints.  It’s been a great two and a half months.  The kids had some activities to keep them busy, but not too busy.  We went on the 7th Annual Summers Sandoval Big Sur Camping Trip.  (It would’ve been our 8th if not for the park’s closure last May-June.)  And we capped it all off with a trip to Palm Desert, because we like resort pools and 117 degree heat.

While we’ll miss the freedom of summer, we do pretty good running on regular mode.  Our kids like school and they loved their friends.  And I like how we can ease into it all so that by the time I start teaching in a month we’re running like a well-oiled machine.

If there’s a downside to it all it’s that another new school year is another reminder of how fast they’re growing.  I’m doing my best to remind myself to enjoy every moment but this parenting thing moves quicker than you think.

So here’s to a great new year for our amazing young women. . . and to us all!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye summer!

  1. You guys always seem like the happiest of families. I’ve probably said that before, but it’s still true.

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