Today is my 46th birthday. Last year I wrote the following:

On the personal side of life, things couldn’t be better. I feel like I need to focus more on reflecting on that, but when I do I’m just massively appreciative. My kids are healthy, loving, and brilliant. My wife and I are frequently overwhelmed but we make a great team. We were lucky enough to move last summer, enjoy some special trips, and watch three amazing people grow up a little more.

I would say the same thing today. I’m a luck person.

Work wise it’s all good–even better than it was last year. My spring sabbatical has meant a respite from the usual mayhem of the year. What’s better, with some of my work commitments coming to end there is a possibility that some of that busyness won’t return. Well, at least not exactly.

The best part of work has been the time to write a play, the drafts of three articles, and more of the book-in-progress. This fall will see the production of the play I’ve written, which is something I’m looking forward to. I’m sure there’ll be another one or two things to celebrate before I hit 47.

What can I say? I’m getting older but I’m also living a life where I have nothing to complain about and a whole lot to be grateful for (among them family, friends, health, and stability). It’s strange to be on the “back end” of this journey but I’m happy enough to not want to waste any time worrying about what’s in the past so I can just enjoy the present and the future.

So thanks for reading, and for being a witness to the adventure.

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