Cocina! Cocina!

IT IS DONE!! It is FINALLY done!!

After 29 days––29 long, eating too many sandwiches, washing dishes in the bathroom sink, not being able to cook more than a salad days––the Summers Sandoval family has a kitchen again!

And it’s better than ever before…


We have new, custom cabinets on both sides and a beautiful tile counter. We live in a historical district so we tried to keep a lot of the charm and style of the old kitchen.  The molding and built-in shelves aren’t technically historic for the period of our house but they sure look like it to our 21st century eyes.


We had wall and door taken out, seen here in the far end of the kitchen. It really opened up the space and made it feel like we added on.

cocina4 cocina3

I’m just happy that we can go back to cooking and eating our typical food. It’s amazing how difficult that dietary shift has been for us as a family, adding to the mood swings and short tempers with all the chaos in the house.  The kids have been great about it, though, but not as great as my wife, who had a lot more inconveniences to deal with than any of us.

Here’s to new beginnings! And to Dodgers taking care of business tonight in game 4!

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