Friday Five: Paul McCartney (sort of…)

I’m going to the Paul McCartney concert this weekend at Dodger Stadium. It’s my first time seeing him in concert, and my first time seeing any Beatle perform live.

Paul McCartney is responsible for more than a few of my favorite songs of all-time. I’m sure the same could be said for just about any fan of rock and roll.

Instead of offering a typical list of some of those songs, I thought I’d celebrate the occasion by offering some amazing covers of songs written by Sir Paul. In many ways it’s a perfect reflection of his talent and legacy.

5. “Maybe I’m Amazed” (1970): performed by The Faces
A love song written to his wife, Linda, this song was released on McCartney’s 1970 album McCartney.

4. “Yesterday” (1965): performed by Frank Sinatra
A contender for the most popular song written by a Beatle, it also competes for the most covered song in popular music.

3. “Let It Be” (1970): performed by Aretha Franklin
I’m not sure any version of this song can beat the original, with the scruffy Paul playing with John, George, Ringo, and Billy Preston. But Aretha!

2. “Golden Slumbers” (1969): performed by K.D. Lang
Part of the medley that closes my favorite Beatles album of all-time.

1. “Hey Jude” (1968): performed by everyone
I suspect this would top most people’s lists of “Best Beatles Songs.” There’s a reason he closes out so many of his own performances with it–it’s a classic that also captures so much of the phenomenon that was the Beatles. The most famous cover of it might be by the great Wilson Picket, but I’ve always thought it’s one of those songs that’s always going to be impossible to cover well. So here’s Paul playing with some of his friends, closing out the “Music for Montserrat” benefit in 1997.

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