Friday Five: The Pixies

I wasn’t a fan of The Pixies in my youth. Where I came from all alternative music was thought of as “white music,” and so it wasn’t something we gravitated toward. (Ironically, heavy metal–which you might think of as just as white–had so many Chicano spaces within it that it wasn’t thought of the same.)

Anyway, I do like The Pixies now. More importantly, they are one of the favorite bands of my wife. And today is her birthday!

These five songs are not five songs. There are six in this list. Furthermore, they aren’t presented in any particular order. For that matter, I can’t even guarantee that they are my wife’s favorites. She picked them, but she doesn’t like labels like “favorite” or phrases like “of all time.” Plus, she’s not one for hierarchies, even of the musical sort.

So here are six of the songs by The Pixies that my wife likes a lot:

“Where Is My Mind” (1988)

“Hey” (1989)

“Is She Weird” (1990)

“I’m Amazed” (1988)

“La La Love You” (1989)

“Here Comes Your Man” (1989)

One thought on “Friday Five: The Pixies

  1. I confess I can only think of two Pixies songs off the top of my head. Neither are here. I’m getting old. (The two Pixies songs I can think of are from the 80s.)

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