Elvis, the dinosaur

You can learn a lot from kids. Not just from watching and observing them, but also from watching and observing their cartoons. Today, while watching “Dinosaur Train” with the kiddos, I learned about Cryolophosaurus.


Up until fairly recently, dinosaur fossils had been discovered on every single continent, except Antartica. All that changed in 1986 with the discovery of what came to be known as Antarctopelta. Five years later, paleontologists discovered Cryolophosaurus.

Why do I need to share? Well, the Cryolophosaurus has a large kind of wave on its head. Scientists thought it loosely resembled the pompadour of famed singer Elvis Presley. And so, they informally called the mighty carnivorous beast the “Elvisaurus.”


I should mention that this not only makes me smile because of my love for Elvis, but also for the fact that this odd associating of this dinosaur’s “plume” with the King occurred in the 1990s. After all, they could have just as easily named it the “Dylan-McKay-asaurus,” too.

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