Booker T ain’t got nuthin’ on her

These are exciting days in the Summers Sandoval household. BooBoo (baby 3 of 3) has begun crawling while simultaneously fully embroiled in the war that will conclude with her two front-top teeth dropping. Both require adaptive strategies on our part, but nothing we can’t handle with our years of prior experience.

We have been less than effective on the teething front, though. Our trusted standby of the past–Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets–have been off the market for all of BooBoo’s 9 months and their other product (a teething gel) works about as well as rubbing your finger on her gums. Ice has proven useful, as well as some teething toys, but both have their limits with little BooBoo, whether due to boredom with the cure or generally frostiness.

This morning my wife decided to pursue one of the folk remedies she had heard some talk about–a green onion. You don’t chop it up for eating but just wash it off and give it to them as a chew toy. Maybe it’s something in the juices that she extracts from pulverizing it with her bottom teeth and gums, or maybe its just the new flavor and texture in her mouth, but it seems to be working wonderfully right now.

So in honor of a non-fussy baby…

One thought on “Booker T ain’t got nuthin’ on her

  1. This is a great tip! Thank you. Hyland’s worked with my first son (4), but I’m wondering what will work for my 2nd. He’s only 9 weeks now, but I know all kids are different. As a mom, I’m on the lookout for helpful resources and information for my kids. Check out this Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( It’s provided me with practical tips for both my boys and each of their different stages.

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