Monday Blues (02.14.11)

I know it’s not technically “the blues” but it is the day of love.

Fernando Delgadillo (Nalcapan de Júarez, Mexico, 1965-) is one of the best know independent musical artists in Mexico, a 21st century voice in the nueva canción tradition. This musical movement is not disconnected from US musical influences, but its most important elements have more to do with Latin American culture and politics than anything. Rooted in the 20th century artistic movements for change, the folk style coupled with deeply metaphorical lyrics has produced some of the best and most complex songs of emotion in the world.

Here he performs on of his best know tunes, “Entre Pairos y Derivas,” a play on nautical imagery and meaning. When my wife and I saw him perform 9 years ago this month–in his first (and as far as I can tell only) US performance–every song was exactly like this, with the entire audience signing along at the top of their lungs.

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