Monday Blues

Keb’ Mo’ (Los Angeles, 1951-) performing “I Can’t Be Satisfied” and “Two Trains Running” (originally by Muddy Waters, from a special devoted in tribute to him).

I’m not sure what kind of props Keb’ Mo’ gets in the blues world. It sometimes seems he’s more popular with the PBS/NPR white folk crowd than the more blue-centric/”purist” folk out there. I have often wondered how much of that comes from the fact that he isn’t from the South or from Chicago or any other place in the nation with a clear blues legacy. To those who would deride him, I’d say he can more “authentically” represent the foundation of those blues than an Eric Clapton or other Englishman (who don’t get the same push back from the purists) ever could, even when he creates these hybrid “retro meets new generation” blues works.

As a little teaser, this clip ends with Bo Diddley doing Muddy’s “I’m A Man.”

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