A Year in The Life (The Facebook Edition)

There’s the Facebook app a lot of my friends are using which compiles all of your state updates over the past year and then generates a list of the words you used the most on Facebook in that year. I assume it takes out common articles and stuff like that and, since I have nothing else to judge it by, I assume it is correct in its results.

I don’t like Facebook apps (mostly because of the way they post status updates even if you don’t want them) but I used this one just to see what the results were.

Here’s the top ten:

1. Kids
2. Don’t
3. Know
4. Chicano
5. Baby
6. Sandoval
7. Studies
8. Class
9. Doing
10. Claremont

This really says a lot.

2 thoughts on “A Year in The Life (The Facebook Edition)

  1. Mine is less telling:
    :Http – used 84 times
    2:Bit – used 75 times
    3:Ly – used 67 times
    4:Cats – used 29 times
    5:Rain – used 27 times
    6:Rt – used 25 times
    7:Morning – used 24 times
    8:Digital – used 24 times
    9:Watching – used 22 times
    10:Snow – used 20 times

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