A Letter to the Overachieving Student

Dear Student,

Thank you for your inquiry. While I am not “frantically preparing” for the registration period (which doesn’t begin for another 3 weeks) I, too, am looking forward to next semester.

I’m sorry to say, however, that I do not have the syllabus for my spring class ready to share with you to help make your decision-making process “a little easier.”

I do wish you the best and hope to see you in spring.


A professor who cares about teaching too much to use the same old recycled syllabus over and over again without changing it AND who is appropriately busy focusing on life and work right now to be occupied with doing much related to three months from now.

One thought on “A Letter to the Overachieving Student

  1. I feel almost as bad for the overachieving students as I do the underachieving professors. College was a learning experience for me ways I couldn’t have foreseen.

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