Who is telling Latinos not to vote?

His name is Robert de Posada, and he is a Republican.  He is also the President of a group calling themselves “Latinos for Reform” who, judging from their new ad campaign, are either idiots or morally bankrupt.

The following ad was scheduled to begin running on Univision in Nevada, Florida, and other Latino-rich states.  Univision–who had run the radio version on some of its Nevada stations and who had already accepted an $80,000 ad buy in to begin running the ad on their television network–has now said they will not air the ad.  Telemundo has also agreed not to show it.

For those who don’t speak Spanish, the ad is telling Latinos not to vote in order to send a message to politicians–Democratic politicians who haven’t followed through with their promises to reform immigration.

The idiot de Posada claims he is sincere, and is all just an “effort to express Hispanic frustration with the Democrats failure to deliver on immigration reform.”  The President and other Democrats think  it is a ploy to elect more Republicans.

This is one of the dirtiest and most demeaning political tricks I have seen in a long time.

Here is the English version.

4 thoughts on “Who is telling Latinos not to vote?

  1. The Spanish-language version of the ad is clearly the product of an English speaker. The syntax and idioms used are obvious translations. Who is really behind this? I see the dirty fingerprints of Karl Rove. The father of the Swift Boat smear is a devious and unscrupulous political operative with a long reputation of deceit. You can read more about his latest ploys here:

  2. My first thought is that it is incredible what the right wing organizations will do to win elections. Attempting to convince anyone not to vote is unAmerican and to do it in a year where many votes are bought by the millions of dollars from big corporations and lobbyists and foreign money etc, to further their interests is totally immoral and unethical.
    The front man Roberto de Posada is a traitor to his race in uniting with these organizations. The argument doesn’t even make sense i.e. don’t vote because we’re dissatisfied with results so far so let the Republicans take over so they can further their agenda of racial profiling and uncompromising immigration laws – how is that supposed to help? Posada you’re an idiot.

  3. The open-borders lobby of the Left and the Right will stop at nothing in order to throw public tantrums on behalf of illegal aliens, the profiteers of illegal immigration (including the criminal organizations, the unscrupulous employers, the drug cartels, the Mexican government and the racist, ethno-centric advocacy organizations like La RAZA, LULAC, MECHA, Hermandad Mexicana as well as the SEIU, ACORN, Moveon.org and loads of leftist/socialist/anarchist groups) to the detriment of our nation, our citizens and all of the law-abiding immigrants who have contributed to the fabric of this great nation. Secure the border. Enforce our laws. Ya es Hora. Si se puede!

  4. “Legalatina”, maybe you are unaware that over 80% of Latinos in the U.S. are legal too. Further, your willingness to lump every organization that supports Latino interests as an “open borders lobby” shows very little critical thought. This kind of gross generalization is at the root of bigotry. What I see in your words is someone ashamed of their heritage, someone who has bought into the nativist rants against undocumented immigrants as a cover for deep insecurities and a need to be accepted. If not, why hide behind a pseudonym?

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