Nacio En Aztlan

One of the best things about living in Pomona, CA, is the local arts community. And one of that community’s annual traditions is just around the corner.

The dA Center for the Arts will be hosting the “Nacio En Aztlan” Chicano art show this month.  Organized and curated by Pomona’s own Frank Garcia, it is an exciting opportunity to see art work from some well-known and up-and-coming Chicana and Chicano artists, all right here in our very own backyard.

The annual show is a great chance to meet other locals who care about Pomona, the arts, and Chicanos. There are an assortment of events attached to it, which are great ways to enjoy some company, some snacks, and some art.  I suggest you contact the dA directly to find out more.

The dA Center for the Arts is located at 252-D South Main Street, in the Arts Colony in downtown Pomona.

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