Racial hypocrisy in the Sotomayor hearings

Thus far, there are no surprises in the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings.  Unfortunately, that is the problem.

Two things are abundantly clear: many people remain ignorant on the historical legacy of race and racism in the United States; and many people continue to cling to the privilege of white supremacy by absolving themselves of personal, racial ideologies and ways of knowing while exercising the same.

Republicans don’t seem to have much when it comes to actual legal decisions she has made. In sum, she’s hardly a flaming liberal in the record of the court and, on top of that, she practices what is considered to be a fair and impartial method by legal standards.

So what do they do?

They try to make her out to be a racist and an “activist” judge because she once suggested people working in the law might think differently because of their ethnic background and life experience.

To deny that is not only ahistorical, it is also perfectly produced by history.  It is a denial rooted in white supremacy.

What else is it when a bunch of white men attack a Latina judge for being racist when they never questioned once the bold suggestion that a white man was the most qualified in all the nation the previous TWO times an open seat on the court was filled?

What else is it when a bunch of white men assume the uncontroverted final word on what racism is–the overt recognition that race exists–rather than the one grounded in historical experience and forged out of antiracist struggle?

White supremacy rarely acknowledged “whiteness” except when it was confronted with its “opposite.”  One of the features of “whiteness” is the very denial of its existence.  “White people” don’t have race, that’s what those colored folks have. “Whiteness” is naturalized, the norm, simply what is.  All other racial constructions are the aberration, the difference, the problem.

Like the system it produces, white supremacy centers “white” people as the source of what is important and valued.

And that’s exactly what is happening here.


3 thoughts on “Racial hypocrisy in the Sotomayor hearings

  1. Gamblers and Bettors : The Shares of Sonia Sotomayor are skyrocketing. A boom of betting for 75 votes for Sonia in Senate

    Now gamblers are paying almost 75 dollars that Sonia will be confirmed with more than 75 votes of the Senate. See the chart and how the prices are skyrocketing.

    A visit to INTRADE.COM let us see how bettors and gamblers are persuaded that Sonia Sotomayor is going to be confirmed. See the charts of increasing prices.

    Gamblers and Bettors are always better than polls at predictions, and zillions of times better than foolish prejudiced and passionate journalists. ( those are the worst seers in these games )

    That means that there is a possibility that we have an additional task of blogging the Triumph of Sonia. Just a probability or possibility. The Triumph is not secure.

    In that case. … We have to decide whether we blog the Senate Victory as the defeat of the Republicans or some Bad Guys.

    Or as the Victory of Good Americans, including millions of Whites…. People that are kind and nice. The Good Soul of America soars, this is very sincere …. I love those Senate Ladies when they speak of Sotomayor … There are millions of people like Amy Kloubuchar and Diane Feinstein, without Racism or Prejudices and with a Big Heart.

    Negativity is very ugly, but springs from passion, and passion in writing is the best motor….

    On the other side, there is something called History, and History wants and loves the Good People, an “American Story” and not the Idiots …. although one or two villains are good for poetical reasons.

    You can not have a good novel or movie without a villain !!

    Perhaps we can reach a solution to this heavy riddle and dilema. What am I going to write if Sonia conquers ???

    In MILENIALS.COM, my blog, I am blogging furiously the Senate Hearings :


    Vicente Duque

  2. Thanks for excellent rerports and for your presence in the internet. I also liked your post on Racism in the Strawberry fields. I will be coming here to your pages.


    There is another activism going on for Injustice :

    Anti-Sonia Hypocrisy and Superb Ignorance :

    The Ricci Decision of the Supreme Court and Conservative Judicial Activism

    There is a Great Dissatisfaction and Protest of Great Lawyers, Jurists, Experts in Constitutional Law, Professors of Law. Great Inconformity and Disagreement with the Supreme Court, the Ricci decission and other previous ones.

    There are so many learned articles condemning the Supreme Court on Ricci and other decisions, that I have assembled a page of links on these hot-red topics.

    Here :

    Links to Supreme Court and its Conservative Judicial Activism – Hurting Civil Rights and Minorities

    Vicente Duque

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