Schwarzeneggar is a dick

Guest column written by the People of the State of California.

Look.  Governor Head-Up-His-Butt needs to check his self-importance right now and get California a budget.  Sitting back and essentially saying it is a waste of time for Democrats (who are the majority) to send him majority-approved solutions because they are not what “he” (as a representative of a minority party) wants is tantamount to his balls getting in the way of my state’s health.

I don’t care what you want Governor Steroids.  Just because a Democratic budget couldn’t survive the two-thirds veto threshold doesn’t mean it isn’t a solution.  Just because a small minority CAN scuttle the majority-driven process doesn’t mean it MUST every time.

You, Governor Jackass, are the one standing in the way of a state budget because you are the one who decided that your opinion is more important than the majority we elected, a majority that is making compromises and concessions while you flex for the cameras.

So quit being such a dick.  People who don’t have the benefit of being as rich as you and your family are depending on some adult leadership right now.  Not a pissing contest.


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