Border Blow Back

The Immigration Policy Center recently published the findings of their current study of illegal immigration at the border.


On the heels of the Department of Homeland Security’s release of figures showing “apprehensions of undocumented immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border are at their lowest level since 1973,” the IPC findings suggest the scope of the impact the current economic depression is having on immigration.

Most powerfully, they document a “reduced circularity in migration,” that is, a reduction in the return migration of unauthorized immigrants already in the US.  They explain this phenomenon as an “unintended consequence” to present-day border enforcement tactics and strategies.

You can read the full IPC “Fact Check”–“Keeping Migrants Here: The Unintended Consequences of U.S. Border Enforcement”–by clicking here.


5 thoughts on “Border Blow Back

  1. The age-old pesky U.S.-Mexico border problem has taxed the resources of both countries, led to long lists of injustices, and appears to be heading only for worse troubles in the future. Guess what? The border problem can never be solved. Why? Because the border IS the problem! It’s time for a paradigm change.

    Never fear, a satisfying, comprehensive solution is within reach: the Megamerge Dissolution Solution. Simply dissolve the border along with the failed Mexican government, and megamerge the two countries under U.S. law, with mass free 2-way migration eventually equalizing the development and opportunities permanently, with justice and without racism, and without threatening U.S. sovereignty or basic principles.

    To learn more, click the Website.

  2. The first part of your solution–dissolving the border–hits the mark. But that not need mean actually dissolving a boundary between two countries. It does mean dissolving the militarization of that imaginary line and a host of other meanings we have association and placed upon it.

    As for the rest, your solution smacks more of the root causes of the situation I describe above than a solution. The imaginary line that is the US-Mexico border has the real tragic effect it does on people’s lives partly due to the imbalanced way the US views its own sovereignty versus that of others. There is a history of US intervention and sponsored integration in Mexico that has, by design, benefited the US more than its neighbor.

    A just solution must begin with the recognition of that fact, not its fullest and most perverse embodiment.

  3. Do you mean you want to keep the corrupt Mexican government going with all its human rights abuses, rich fatcats running government monopolies, Hispanics keeping Indios down, etc.? The Megamerge Dissolution Solution is to dissolve the border along with the Mexican govt., and make all Mexicans U.S. citizens, allowing mass free 2-way migration over the old border to equalize the population mix along with development and opportunities. There won’t be a Mexico or a Mexican government anymore, but the Mexican culture and lifestyle will be preserved, protected by the U.S. system including the military. Mexico will turn into U.S. states, with senators and representatives sent to Washington, where they will get to participate and vote. Why wouldn’t you be for this if it could be accomplished somehow? What do the Mexican people have to lose?

    Ciao, TLW

  4. I think the question is why should we–as US citizens–think the dissolution of Mexican sovereignty and the Mexican nation state is OUR decision?

  5. I never said it was. Did you read my article? It has to be a mutual coming together, like a marriage. All I want the U.S. to do is officially invite the Mexican people to join the U.S., then wait until they apply for statehood, and work to develop mutually satisfactory constitutions and approve them. If the Mexican govt. tries to thwart the will of the people, then all military options would be on the table, but more likely they will all be scrambling to become U.S. citizens too, with only a handful of Mexican fatcats having something to lose, in which case let them eat torta. The key to the whole process is that more people learn about the Megamerge Dissolution Solution, it’s a groundbreaking idea that turns on lights in peoples heads, then start political action on both sides, which requires only that racism and past grudges be dropped in favor of a great future together sans racism. I’m trying to handle the gringo side, I know, they’re the ones with the most racism to live down, but I also need Latinos to handle the other side, in Spanish. Do I have any takers? For starters, I need somebody to translate my article into Spanish, the hard part being all my U.S. pop culture references, to movies, TV commercials, etc. If the Mexican people have seen the same movies and ads, good, else they need to be substituted with references to Mexican movies and commercials to relate to them better, or possibly eliminated, making the article shorter. Any takers?

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