Academic blob

Do you watch Oprah?  I know!  Me, too.  Hell, it’s probably the law or something…

Well, as you know, Oprah and her middle/upper class viewers are obsessed with both living healthy and living forever.  Enter Dr. Oz.  He’s been helping us help ourselves for sometime now, though lately he’s kicked it up a notch.

Oz and his buddy have gone around the world researching what makes old people old.  You know what they found?  It’s about regular exercise, a healthy diet, vitamins and minerals, and emotional & mental nourishment.  Damn scientists!

Well, with the above constituting the “secret recipe” for a long life, it’s no wonder academics don’t do too well. I mean, we got the whole emotional and mental nourishment thing down (although I’ve met more than a few “on the job” who are a little emotionally, shall we say, wanting?) but even if you eat right, they still smack you down with the whole physical inactivity thing.

This is part of a work email I got today:

Here is how it works – Once a faculty member identifies the desired book through the electronic catalog system [redacted], they simply push the “request” button that is on the screen. After logging in with their name and ID number, the faculty member can choose to either have the item held at the library or can select “mail.” In the case of “mail” a menu will appear offering the seven campuses as delivery choices. The faculty “request” goes into a queue; a librarian will print a slip, retrieve the book, check the book out to the requesting faculty member, package it up and send it to the mail room. The mail service will deliver books at least once a day. Each campus mailroom will deliver the books to their respective faculty members. Similarly, books may be returned to the library or through individual mail rooms and the mail staff will pick them up and return them to the library.

The art of browsing is dead. I may be following soon.


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