Erik Estrada smokes pot in Shenandoah: Hispanic or Latino?

My apologies for a post related to nothing but this blog, but…

I took a look at my blog stats today and noticed that two posts I wrote on the fly as “funny” pieces have now registered more hits than almost all of the thoughtful posts I spend lots of time thinking about and composing.  Why?  Well, about half of the daily visitors to this blog (about 150 or so) find it via the search terms “marijuana” and “smoke marijuana.”  A few find it by typing in the words “erik estrada.”

I don’t know what this says about the world, this blog, or me, but so it is.  That makes my post on Michael Phelps’ bong incident the most popular post ever on Latino Like Me.   Two short but significant (to me, at least) posts are numbers two and three: last summer’s hate crime in Shenandoah (PA) holds on to the number 2 spot, while the question “Hispanic vs. Latino: What’s in a Name?“comes in third.  (And that last one was really just a hat tip to the insightful post by Daniel Cubias at the HuffingtonPost.)  But this is the weird thing.  For some reason, Erik Estrada’s escapades in Muncie, Indiana are starting to propel that post upwards, with a bullet.

I guess I understand the blog traffic due to pot.  It’s just funny that, assuming this rate doesn’t change much, in a year or so more people will have visited my blog for the one post about pot than for all the other posts combined.  The murder of Luis Ramirez and the “identity question” are also understandable (questions seeking clarification on the terms “Hispanic,” “Latino,” and “Chicano” are my favorite to tackle on Yahoo Answers).  But what is up with Ponch?

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