Use Me

Four years ago today, I started my first blog. I deleted it about a month later, and then for the next two years or so periodically would start something, then let it flounder, start, flounder, start flounder…you get the point. What can I say? I’m a product genX through and through.

ANYWAY, the first thing I posted on that defunct blog was a link to a clip of Bill Withers performing “Use Me.” I pretty sure it wasn’t this exact clip, since I don’t think it was on YouTube, but regardless, I post it now to commemorate the day.

And just ’cause nobody should every have to stop with just one little taste of Mr. Withers…

And, now, the Godfather of Soul, for no reason other than to get you off your ass.

2 thoughts on “Use Me

  1. Soul-tastic-rama-lama-ding-in-my-dong. Yeiks that man gotta a fire in his belly. Let it out brother, let us feel the heat. Off my ass and out the door, “Use Me” the best song for a Tuesday morning.

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