America Ferrera is all politica!

Just when I let my twenty-year long subscription to Glamour Magazine run out, they go and let some Chicana power sneak in their pages!

This month’s Glamour features a series of “young starlets” posing as iconic women from U.S. history.  Hayden Panattiere is Amelia Earhart.  Alexis Bledel is “Rosie the Rivetor.”  Lindsay Lohan is Madonna.  Wait a minute?  Well, it is Glamour.

In this mish-mash conflating truly historic and pioneering women with fake, commercial ones (Carrie Bradshaw?!?  Puleeeeze!), America Ferrera–my fourth favorite “America” right behind Central, South, and North–chose United Farmworker legend Dolores Huerta.  That’s right.  Dolores Huerta.


Reflecting our society’s ignorance of Chicana history, I read one blog (whose traffic I will not augment with a link) who said she looked pretty dressed as “Huelga.”  For those who don’t know, “huelga” means “strike,” which is something farmworkers in California did–for more than five years (from 1965 to 1970)–just to secure the right to form a union.

Huerta, along with Cesar Chavez, was one of the primary organizers behind the United Farmworkers, or UFW.  She is an American legend, in every sense of those words, and just about as “historic” as one can get.

Bien hecho, America!

4 thoughts on “America Ferrera is all politica!

  1. Don’tcha hate it when something like that happens. I just found out that you can renew your annual subscription for only $1.50 until 3/15!!
    Love your blog & range of topics.

  2. Lisa Moffa: Thanks for the kind words, but they gotta do more than one picture to get back my business.

    lauritzin: At your service…

  3. AAAAAAAAAlll politica! lol
    i never knew about this blog!!! (did i?) si me gusto!
    y ese/esa inutil!!! “dressed as huelga”? si yo pense que aca en utah andavamos mal…………… ay no!

    se cuida profe!

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