Today’s your lucky day!

A long time ago, I gave up lent for lent, and I’ve never looked back.  But I realize many of you out there are devout Catholics who are now spending your first day abstaining from something you probably shouldn’t have been eating, doing, or touching anyway.  This post is for you.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent most of your life trying to do two things: 1) find a non-gamma ray related way to turn into the Hulk; and 2) find out just what music Mariska Hargitay listens to while working out.


Well, the search is over.  No, not that one.  Thanks to Self (the magazine made both for women who want to be fit and 12-year-old boys who love B-list stars in their bikinis), we can finally crack that Hargitay mystery.  Here is the music “that keeps her moving.”

Plus, the fine detectives at Self even gave us sneak a peak into the listening workout habits of Jennifer Aniston, Jenna Fischer, and Michelle Williams.

Question to self: Should I put less Paul Pena on my iPod?

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