The Bush Cover-up

Almost immediately after taking office, George W. Bush began issuing a series of Executive Orders keeping a tight lid on Presidential records (and Vice-Presidential records) which had previously been scheduled for release under the post-Watergate Presidential Records Act of 1978.  In so doing, he pissed off a gaggle of historians.

Here’s a quick overview of our complaints with the Bush’s efforts to protect public knowledge about his father, members of his administrations, and their allies, courtesy of the History News Network and historians Robert Dallek and Joseph Palermo.   Even John Dean has something to say about it.  Here’s a more recent update on the efforts of the new Congress to address this.

Today’s news includes a court decision (the first one on these matters lost by historians) dealing with Cheney’s records.

So which way will this go?  Will Obama use the full force of the Executive to overturn this organized and widespread bureacratic cover-up?  Will they protct the status quo and continue the delays?

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