Where, indeed, is that beef?

25 years ago today, this commercial first aired on television.

I don’t remember the first time I saw it, or the first time I heard somebody use the phrase outside of talking about the commercial, but I know EVERYBODY said it. You could not get away from the phrase or that little Clara Pellar (the 81 year-old lady who uttered the words). For goodness sakes, there was even a “Where’s the Beef?” record! I can remember being a senior in high school (like 1989 or 1990) and having a teacher use the phrase in class and thinking “Jesus! Let it die already!!” Every once in awhile, I’ll still hear it, either as kind of a retro form of humor or by somebody who think Victor Borge was funny.

I will say this: I had never been to Wendy’s before in my young 12 year-old life when this commercial aired. But after all the hoopla, me and the family went down to one in West Covina somewhere. I didn’t go back for another 15 years.


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