George W. Bush’s Final Regret

In a Washington Time interview with Cal Thomas, President Bush regrets not pursuing real immigration reform after the 2004 election and instead spending/wasting his time on Social Security:

See, I happen to believe a system that is so broken that humans become contraband is a system that really needs to be re-examined, seriously. I know there´s a lot of concern about our borders, and there should be. And we´ve done something about that. On the other hand, I don´t see how you can have comprehensive border security without a program that recognizes that there will be people doing jobs Americans aren´t willing to do, and therefore there ought to be a way for them to temporarily come here on a verifiable basis in a way that would cause them not to have to sneak here or pay for a coyote or get stuffed into an 18-wheeler, or try to walk across the desert and die.

Funny. Me too.

For some analysis of the interview, check out Imigration Impact, a clearinghouse for developments in the immigration arena.


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