They were going to name him ‘Baloo’

I know I don’t normally post stories like this, and I know this has absolutely nothing to do with Latinos, but…

Ashlee Simpson has given birth to a baby boy.  She and her husband–Pete Wentz of the group Fall Out Boy– have named the child Bronx Mowgli Wentz.  “Mowgli” is the name of the boy who was raised by wolves in the Rudyard Kipling adpated story “The Jungle Book.”


This is a perfect example of how the life of the rich and famous is different than yours and mine.  If we “regular people” name our kid Mowgli, we have to deal with people telling us how stupid we are.  And, of course, we would be.  These two gems, on the other hand, get to shout out their stupidity from the highest heights while the people who encounter them are undoubtedly telling them what a precious and unique name they have chosen.

Little Bronx Mowgli will probably grow up in an environment where he doesn’t even have to be told by other kids what a stupid name he has.  Maybe he’ll be in the same school as little Zuma Nesta Rock, or Apple Blythe Alison, or Kal-el Coppola.

One thought on “They were going to name him ‘Baloo’

  1. Just look how Fifi Trixibelle Geldof turned out (to say nothing of her two sisters Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa and Little Pixie). Who’s to say it didn’t all begin with the name?

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