••And what you gonna do about it President Obama?

And now the real work begins.

The RISE Movement–the grassroots effort whose recent rotating fast served as one of the more righteous actions in the late election season–are but one of a growing number of progressive coalitions agitating for change from the new President-Elect.

In an online petition I would encourage you to sign, RISE is advocating for Obama to issue an executive order to end all ICE raids.  The full text is below:

President-elect Obama, we congratulate you on your historic victory, and we celebrate this moment with great hope that under your leadership we will finally be able to achieve a humane, inclusive immigration policy that unites families and offers a path toward citizenship for the undocumented. Fundamental reform of our broken immigration system is an urgent national priority. The first step, that you can take through executive order, is to immediately end all Immigration & Customs Enforcement raids.

The enforcement of the unjust laws of our broken immigration system is tearing our country apart. The workplace and neighborhood raids by squads of ski-masked ICE agents armed with automatic weapons are the most brutal and outrageous part of this enforcement. They tear our families apart. They terrorize our communities. And they routinely violate the civil and constitutional rights that define our nation.

The ICE raids must end now! President-elect Obama, Latino and immigrant voters responded to the promise of change you made to our nation and voted for you by huge margins and in record numbers. We call on you to uphold that promise and honor our support by declaring an immediate and unconditional moratorium on ICE raids until just and human immigration reform is passed and implemented.

I gladly signed the petition, and these particular kinds of political mobilization are not my favorite.  But I sincerely hope it is a wasted effort.  If President Barack Obama isn’t already planning to end ICE raids within one month of taking office, then he is more talk than action in my book.

This is the easiest thing the new president can do to take a bold and vocal stand for human rights.  Additionally, this is a quick pro-Latino stance he can take.  Win-win?


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