The “Border Beat” (October 13, 2008)

Today is the United States’ official observance of Columbus Day. I encourage you to take pause and think about the millions of lives lost in the brutal processes of global imperialism. These were human lives, human cultures, confronted by a European tradition that saw their culture and religion as better, their racial composition as supreme, and their economic needs as a justification for their abuses. How far we have come!

This week, LatinoLikeMe will be focused on the issue of California’s Proposition 8, the measure seeking to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. In recognition of this, today’s “Border Beat” is featured in abbreviated form.

“Civil Rights Group Stays Puerto Rican at Heart, but Now Has a Broader Reach” (New York Times)
“In N.C., Pro-Immigration Hispanics Face Threats” (NPR)
“McCain, Obama seek to avoid fray on immigration” (San Francisco Chronicle)
“Enforcement Policy For Illegal Immigration Raises Ethics Questions” (Washington Post)
“Experts compare current immigration situation to deportation of Mexicans in 1930s” (Dallas Morning News)
“It’s time for Latinos to reach their voting potential” (La Prensa-San Diego)
“Growing Latino Population Redefines Small Town” (NPR)


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