California’s “Gay Marriage” Proposition

Next week, aside from my regular Monday update of the news via “The Border Beat,” I will be dedicating my blog to analysis of California’s Proposition 8, the so-called “gay marriage” proposition.  Same-sex marriage is currently the law in California and Prop 8, if passed, would reverse this by creating an amendment to the State’s constitution which reads “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

Beginning Monday, I will offer a post a day analyzing the ballot measure, making a particular effort to highlight the many reasons Latinos, in particular, need to oppose it.  I hope you’ll return to read or, if you maintain a bog yourself, think about offering your own support to the cause.

Visit No On 8 for more information.


2 thoughts on “California’s “Gay Marriage” Proposition

  1. It is a must-read, but perhaps not for the same reasons you suggest. The piece from the less-than honest Family Research Council is evidence of the immoral ways the pro-Prop 8 coalitions manipulate “evidence,” create bait-and-switch arguments, and craft emotional distractions out of half-truths and lies.

    But more on that next week…

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