New Obama Music Video

Dave Stewart has written and produced a song in support of (and organized mobilization for) the candidacy of Barack Obama.  It’s called “American Prayer” and it features the talents of Forest Whitaker, Whoopi Goldberg, Sergio Mendes, Barry Manilow, fellow Brit Joss Stone, among others.

I present the song and video to make two points. First, as one example of a growing effort of non-campaign (and even non-political, in the sense that these musicians are not part of the organized political system as a job) produced campaign efforts, this is yet another example of something different from the left.  This “creative” movement is more than noteworthy.  If it sustains itself it may reflect something of a moment when popular political mobilization from liberals and others on the left actually changed.

Secondarily, the song presents an interesting analytic.  It seems to make its political advocacy on the basis of making the “dream” a reality.  In other words, it suggests the election of Obama is racial reconciliation and an opportunity to “end the darkness.”  Provocative and, to me troubling.  If only racial justice were that easy.

Artistically, I’m not sure it’s any better than Dave Stewart’s other recent effort with Ringo Starr.


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