Jonas Brothers Give a Chicano a Job

I’m a middle-aged Chicano, so sorry if it took me three months to see the “new” Jonas Brothers video.  Of course, as a middle-aged Chicano I suppose I have to explain why I’ve seen it at all.  Let’s just say I’m that hip (though the under 14 demograhic who know what I’m talking about don’t say “hip”).

Why write about the video for “Burnin’ Up” here?  Well, if there is one way to summarize the massive flood of daily emails I receive as a result of this blog, it would be “More Jonas Brothers pleeeeeeeeeease!”  If you need another reason, Chicano everyman actor Danny Trejo has a part in the video.

You know, Robert Davi is kind of an honorary Chicano in my book.  I know he’s Italian American and all but ever since I saw him in The Goonies I thought he looked like one of my uncles.  So that’s another reason…

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