The “Border Beat” (September 8, 2008)

The “Border Beat” is back with all the news that manages to sneak into my browser, despite tall firewalls and a bunch of crazy retired people keeping watch.

• “‘Poli-Migra’: New Spanish Word for Blurred Line Between Police and ICE” (New America Media)
New tactics and a new culture of fear bring with them many changes in the daily lives of brown people. This article spotlights some of them, in addition to the linguistic reflection of this new era in the policing of brown bodies.

• “Immigrant raid divides a Mississippi town” (Los Angeles Times)
The “Black vs. Brown” quagmire–a growing favorite of the national print media–is spotlighted here in the recent account of ICE raids in Mississippi. Sad when a growing number of poor and working class people of all colors start to blame each other for their lot instead of the decades-old and government-endorsed exportation of manufacturing, cuts in wages and benefits, and death of union jobs.

• “Immigration is factor in global warming” (Statesman Journal)
Some crazy white guy in Oregon finds something else to blame Mexican for. Okay…and I guess all the non-immigrants were somehow forced to drive polluting vehicles and support corporations emitting harmful greenhouse gases? Right.

• “White to Lose Majority Status in U.S. by 2042” (Wall Street Journal)
Listen, I don’t want you to worry. We’re going to treat you all just like everybody else, like the human beings that you are. That said, bet right about now you wish you hadn’t systematically dismantled affirmative action, huh?

• “Border First: Regain Control of Immigration” (Washington Times)
Bob Barr–former “Contract with America” Republican who voted for all four counts in the impeachment indictment against Clinton–is the presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party.  Between you and me, he doesn’t sound very libertarian.  [“Federal law requires hospitals to provide care irrespective of ability to pay, so emergency rooms across the American southwest are filled with Mexican citizens. Pregnant women come to have their children born in American hospitals.”]  He just sounds loco.

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