A Slice of America?

If you’re not a person of color, let me fill you in on something. Most of us think most whites are Republican and most Republicans are white. This is so despite the fact that we all know somebody of color who is a Republican, and lots of whites who are Democrats, leftists, and/or allies in the struggle.

If you are one of those people of color who swings to the right, you also know what I’m talking about. All those times your friends jumped on you for being a “sell-out” serve as but one reminder.

This isn’t racial paranoia. In the case of assuming most whites are conservative, its a self-defense mechanism. In the case of thinking of Republicans as a “white party,” well, turns out it might just be solid experiential truth.

The recent Democratic National Convention was sold as “the most diverse convention in party history,” with 44% of the delegates being non-white. Here are some of the figures for the Dems:

• 24% were Black
• 12% were Latino
• over 50% were women

Now, here are the same for the Republicans:

• 1.5% were Black (the lowest percentage in 40 years)
• 5% were Latino
• 68% were men



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