Luis Ramirez is Dead

An updated post on the latest news relating to the trial can be found here.

The recent beating death of immigrant Luis Ramirez is getting some but not nearly enough attention.  This is one extreme example of the all too common culture of hate in which we live.

This story from Democracy Now! is a great introduction to the events surrounding his tragic murder.

2 thoughts on “Luis Ramirez is Dead

  1. coal country sucks. they killed the man and then they acquitted his killers. something is not right in the mountains of pennsyltucky. something is seriously wrong there.

  2. no shit….I read about this late saturday i think, and I was so fucking upset I couldn’t sleep. how the fuck do you acquit 3 people of murder???? even if ramirez did initiate the assault, they beat the guy to death….tell me how the fuck is this self-defense when its 3 on 1 and they were throwing racial slurs and bashing in his skull?

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