Maná Loves Obama

The members of Mexican rock band Maná have thrown their gorras in the ring with Barack Obama.

The multi-platinum, internationally-renowned stars of rock en español have been a consistent voice in the political arena, often directing attention to the unfolding struggle for global human rights. Previously, the band had declared their support for the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and, on Tuesday, made known their support for Obama in the contest against John McCain.

A non-U.S. citizen or resident, let alone a Mexican rock band taking a stand in a U.S. election might seem strange to somebody only familiar with political life in the U.S., but it is hardly rare. Much of the rest of the world–and most of Latin America, in particular–takes more than a passing interest in what happens on the U.S. political scene. The disproportionate ways these (U.S.) changes affect them are both a reflection of the current status of the “American Empire” as well as the foundation of their political concern.

Maná expressed their support in a recent interview, in which front man Fher Olvera said “everyone talks about change, but he [Obama] is himself a change.”

Concerns of the group and, they said, Latinos in general, included the construction of a “humiliating border wall” and the lack of importance given to “the civil rights of those who work in the United States, those who bring the bread to the American’s table.” [Source.]

Cool, no?

I might add, if you EVER get the chance to see them in concert, you will not be disappointed. I have only been to three entertainment experiences in the U.S. where the space transformed into something “other,” something uniquely and beautifully out of place in the most useful and rich senses. Maná is responsible for two of those.

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