Guatemaltecas Find Feminism in Fútbol

The Los Angeles Times has clearly become the New York Times of Latino news. They provide consistent coverage of the political and economic issues facing Latinos and their immigrant inclusion in U.S. society. They are one of perhaps four papers representing the sources for news on immigration. And, what they do best that their counterparts simply can’t, is provide a glimpse into the ways Latin American-descent life is experienced in the 21st century U.S.

A recent and highly enjoyable example of this is the recent article “Guatemalan women kick aside constraints in the U.S.” It tells the story of Guatemalan immigrant women who have found the freedom and opportunity to play soccer, when in their home country women’s participation in the sport is frowned upon. Check it out.

This is an example of how the migration experience can lead to an increase in women’s opportunities for self-fulfillment. Reader should also be aware that there are as many instance (if not more) where the opposite is true. The lesson? Patriarchy, like feminism, is possible everywhere.

What I find most appealing about this example is that these women have found a form of feminist practice here in the U.S. due to the broader social allowance and sense of independence they encounter living and working here. But, the practice they find and participate within is uniquely Latin American–or at least not U.S. American.


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