“Cindy McCain is No Baby Mama”

I like Erin Koteki’s blog. Her recent post on the racism on Fox News is blunt but hits the mark all over the place. Check out “Cindy McCain is No Baby Mama” and some of the responses she provokes.

I would take issue with her on one point, however. She provides a clip from Fox of an interview with some conservative blogger named Michelle Malkin. (Not for nothing, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of her.) Anyways, Erin writes:

I wonder how she feels about this racism and sexism going on as she sits and spins for the GOP that uses her skin color to gain credibility with minorities? (yes, GOP, we see what you are doing)

Allies in the struggle, take head. What the GOP is doing with these public pundits of color who swing to the right isn’t trying to gain “credibility with minorities.” They’re trying to gain credibility with whites. They’re trying to justify their racist views on issues by getting a brown face to say “you are right” or “thanks, that’s just what we need.”

People of color have been hip to that for a long time now. Uncle Tom? Tío Taco? We all know first hand about the mental condition known as “internal colonization.” Either you got it, or you got somebody in your family who does. In Chicano/Latino circles that’s your tío or tía who got their ass deported back in the 50s and then voted for Proposition 187 back in the 90s. Or a Cuban.


2 thoughts on ““Cindy McCain is No Baby Mama”

  1. That is an entirely fantastic point- they are trying to gain credibility with whites by using a minority!

    I hope they realized THAT isn’t working either-but sadly I am sure it IS working with several demographics of whites.


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