The “Border Beat” (June 9, 2008)

Here’s a rundown of some of the news and views in latinolandia:

  • Latinos say to Obama and no to McCain (Los Angeles Times)
  • The Associated Press reports immigration is shaping up to be about as big an issue in the November election as, well, as it always is
  • New England health officials reach out to the barrio to better serve Spanish-speakers’ health needs (Boston Globe)
  • Yes, there are Latinos in Kansas and, no, it’s not pronounced “wee-CHEE-ta” (Witchita Eagle)
  • Latino youth at higher risk for alcohol and drug use, unsafe sex, and suicide attempts (Arizona Republic)
  • George W. Bush is a bad historian too (Washington Post)

The final story has little to do with Latinos specifically but, as a professional historian, it hit me kind of close to home.  The discussion is on the recent increase in historical references in Bush speeches, primarily those that suggest his presidency will be vindicated by future historians.  It’s and interesting story, and maybe even a little bit desperate.   All Bush has left is to hope people of the future like him more than the people of the present.  As a person who will have some say on the matter, at least if I live beyond middle-age, let me assure you, it doesn’t look to good.

One thought on “The “Border Beat” (June 9, 2008)

  1. This is the first time “Chicano” has come up on my tag surf…

    Anyway, regarding GW and history I honestly believe that two versions of his “legacy” will be written. There are enough quacks that will have children and great grandchildren etc. – that years from now, little Billy will give a presentation on GW that paints his as an American hero. And then little Billy will get punched in the stomach on the playground by some kid who’s father says that GW was the worst president in US history (so far…). I guess what I’m saying is that while we have all the evidence imaginable to document Bush’s epic failure I am pretty sure there are forces at work trying to preserve his memory as “the good guy” in a time of turmoil.

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